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At Peach Orthodontics, simply put; we are focused on YOU and are committed to excellence.  We care for families through generations and realize braces are more than just straight teeth.  It’s a journey that we strive to make a fun experience! A great smile transcends language, religion, ethnicity, and fashion. Brent spent 6 years refining his skills as an accomplished general dentist before going back to school to pursue his dream of becoming an orthodontist. It means that when Dr. Brent is treating you, you’ll benefit as he views your case through the eyes of both an orthodontist and seasoned general dentist with an eye for aesthetics.

We believe in the TEAM approach to your orthodontic care while collaborating with your general dentist and other specialists as needed.  Dr. Brent believes that every patient deserves to have a smile designed for their individual case, taking into account their specific tooth shape and things like the movement of their lips and shape of their face. This individualized approach and the compilation of all of the aspects of dentistry that play a role is called “smile design” and you can experience it at Peach Orthodontics.

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Dr Brent’s previous experience as a general dentist has enabled him to view orthodontic treatment from all perspectives and ensures that you have the safest and most comprehensive treatment available in Post Falls, Idaho.

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